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Title: Program Specialist
Unit: Entomology

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Janet Hurley is Extension Program Specialist-III in School IPM with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Ms. Hurley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health from Texas Woman’s University and Master’s in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas. Ms. Hurley was hired by AgriLife Extension in 2001 to oversee the Texas School IPM program. In 1991, the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring that pests in and around school buildings be managed using integrated pest management. In 2007, the Legislature updated the laws defining regulatory guidelines more definitively. Texas is one of the few states that mandate all IPM Coordinators attend a six-hour training course on the basics of IPM principles and specific state regulations. Ms. Hurley oversees the production of an electronic newsletter School Pest News, websites (http://schoolipm.tamu.edu/ http://ipmcalculator.com/ http://agrilife.org/batsinschools/), and database of school IPM Coordinators. Ms. Hurley is also the co-chair of the southern region school IPM workgroup and is a member of the national steering committee for school IPM, and a leader of the Urban IPM Community of Practice for eXtension.

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