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IPM for School Facility Managers (In-Person) 1 of 3

In this first of three lessons on integrated pest management, you will learn about how to develop a comprehensive IPM Plan and Policy for your school district. The first step in developing your school’s IPM program is drafting an IPM policy. It is important to distinguish between an IPM policy and an IPM plan. A policy is defined as a course or principle of action adopted by a governing body. A school district might have a safety policy, for example, that states its commitment to providing a safe place for children to study and play. In order to implement such a policy, a school might implement a number of plans. A plan provides a detailed set of instructions on how to do something. Plans are often written to help an organization implement a policy with step by step instructions.

  • IPM for School Facility Managers (In-Person) 1 of 3
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  • April 5, 2017